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Have you noticed cracks, flakes, soot, or grime on the surface of your masonry? Well, you shouldn’t delay any second more to find a solution to these concerns. Whether it’s in your fireplace, porch, or lintel, these faults can lead to further damages and put the integrity of the structure at risk. Masonry Atlanta is a company of the best masonry contractors in the city.

About Us

We are a team of spirited individuals who believe in giving our best in everything we do. Our reputation as the leading concrete and brickwork company in Atlanta is from our unrelenting commitment to high-quality services. We offer repair and rebuilding solutions to a wide range of masonry faults. You can trust us to handle any concrete or rebuild project on your masonry.

It is normal for things to deteriorate down and break apart throughout a lifetime. This is particularly valid for outsides of buildings as they are continually barraged with the unforgiving components of nature. The blend of cold and burning temperature, wet and dry, freezing or melting, any blend of these climate prospects can negatively affect the masonry and stonework materials. Now and then unforgiving havoc of nature for example, twisters, thunderstorms, rainstorms, or flooding can truly harm both the properties that are built out of brick and stone materials for residential and commercial buildings. Yet, don’t be frightened if this has happened to you and your home. This is the place where we come into the equation and provide some assistance to restore and reestablish the structures as well as to make it look fresh and give it a new construction look too!

Over the long run, building materials, for example, blocks, mortar, bricks and stone will wear down and chip away because of the second law of thermodynamics, and this won’t be the most beautiful sight aesthetically speaking. Places such as brick patio, chimney, brick or stone sidewalk or walls, balcony are typical places where these wear and tear can be spotted where masonry maintenance may be required. In the event that you have spotted that there is brick deterioration on your home, call us today and one of our expert masonry contractors, who will know exactly what to do, will have the option to offer you guidance on the best game-plan. In case your home has blocks and stones on the outside that is broken down and requires masonry restoration job done, for example, chimney repair or porch repair, we are the best brick repair company to administer for this task! In addition to the fact that we service exterior brick and stonework, we likewise service the interior parts as well. If there are plans for a new project you are intending to take on another undertaking or simply need a different view to redesign the inside with blocks or stones, we can discuss that also. When you decide to have the remodel done expertly with us, we will guarantee excellent quality so we can do it right the first time to help prevent future fixes at the same time increase the property value as well.

Our Services

Masonry Atlanta is the premier provider of concrete and brickwork repair services in Atlanta, GA. Our team of experts are trained to respond to different kinds of faults in your masonry with the best-suited methods and high-grade materials. We also rebuild fireplaces, porch, and chimneys that are damaged beyond repair. When you call to make an appointment, our professional masonry contractors will inspect the structure to determine the most appropriate solution. So you can relax and trust our team to deliver excellent results when you hire us.
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Tuckpointing involves restoring the damaged mortar of your chimney using fresh mortar. Not only is it a much cheaper alternative to replacement, but it takes less time to complete. The nature of the task, however, is a delicate one that requires expertise to effectively complete. Our company offers the best tuckpointing services in Atlanta, GA, and we’ve been doing so for several years. You can call today and find out how our licensed masons use high-grade tools and mixtures to extend your chimney’s lifespan.

Lintel Repair

The lintel is a vital part of your building that supports the masonry above doors and windows. Over time, they rotate internally and show signs of stress like cracks. These damages may lead to even further structural faults if they are not adequately resolved in as little time possible. DIY inspection and solutions are not reliable enough to repair or restore lintels, especially in old buildings where they’re constructed with timber or stone. A reliable company of masonry contractors like Masonry Atlanta will provide stellar repairs and reinforcement for your lintels.

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Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

Your chimney is the only masonry on your property placed that reached that height. Hence, they’re regularly exposed to moisture that could cause severe damages. Some of these faults are best addressed with repairs, while others call for a rebuild of the entire structure. If you’ve observed any signs of stress like cracks or efflorescence in your chimney in Atlanta, GA, then you should act fast and have it resolved immediately. You can trust our company to preserve and elongate the lifespan of your chimney using proven techniques.

Porch Repair & Rebuilding

If you’ve observed signs of stress in your brick porch, like cracks or flakes, you should act fast about it. While these types of structures provide more durability than their wooden alternatives, they’re exposed to several damages due to weather changes, erosion, or simply aging. An expert mason contractor would adequately inspect and profer the best-suited solutions top a wide range of porch faults. You can reach out to us at Masonry Atlanta to find out how our top-level masons can help in repairing or rebuilding the structures.

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Concrete Repair

If you’ve noticed cracks or flakes in your concrete works, then it’s time to have them adequately repaired. DIY methods may not permanently resolve the concern, and they could even worsen the fault. Masonry Atlanta is a company of expert masonry contractors who are available to handle all your concrete repairs here in Atlanta, GA. Our methods are guaranteed to deliver excellent results. So feel free to reach out to us and find out how we can help repair your concrete works.

Fireplace Repair & Rebuilding

Fireplaces get worn out and need repairs with time. If you notice cracks or holes in the parts of the fireplace, then you should call an expert mason to have it inspected. While you may be confident in your ability to pinpoint these faults, there are areas like the firebox and smoke chambers that can accumulate damages without being obvious. Our company’s in-house professional masons are trained to carry out a detailed inspection of your fireplace and proper a solution -whether it’s to repair or rebuild the structure.

Mailbox Enhancements

All address has a mailbox, which is often constructed of bricks and stones. If your brickwork mailbox has been damaged by wear and tear and your mail is falling out everywhere, it might be time for a replacement. We will assist you in getting set up for your new mailbox project. This would increase the appeal and valuation of your house.

What We Do!

Brick Repair & Stone Repair

This is the kind of job that our mason contractors do the most often. There are many structures in the city that are constructed with bricks and stones, and it is only a matter of time before they need upkeep. Our specialty is brick and masonry restoration, and many residential and commercial buildings need it. Inspect the property to see if it needs upkeep/maintenance or contact us to arrange a time for an inspection.


Tuckpointing, or tuck pointing, is a method of restoring a wall that has suffered from mortar wear and degradation. When time passes and the wind and rain pounds on the walls, the mortar will deteriorate, jeopardizing the structural integrity and allowing the destruction to spread further if not handled quickly and properly. When it comes to tuckpointing, we know exactly what to do and can get it right the first time. Please contact us if you have any concerns about grinding or tuckpointing. 

Chimney Repair & Installation

It is important to have the brick chimney fixed and cleaned correctly to avoid having to replace it entirely. Since both the brick and stone chimneys are made of masonry, it is important to have a specialist do the repair correctly once the mortar begins to breakdown and crumble. We definitely do not recommend doing this task on your own because there are many risks and safety measures that must be followed when doing chimney repair work. We will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.


Lintel is the term used to describe the big piece of stone or concrete that is placed over the top of openings in a structure such as doors or windows. If the masonry construction has a lintel, it is critical to conduct routine inspections to ensure the structure is structurally sound. Lintels that are damaged allow the masonry above them to lose structural stability and can collapse if no action is taken immediately. 

Porch Repair & Installation

If your porch is made of bricks and stones and in need of repair, we are the team to call. Alternatively, if you wish to begin a project involving the construction of a porch, wall, balcony or even decks using bricks and masonry, we will assist you with that as well. It is important to engage a mason contractor in home remodeling projects to ensure that all building safety requirements are fulfilled and the project passes inspection.

Fireplace Repair & Installation

Do you need to renovate your old fireplace or just want to fix a few flaws? No need to look much further; the best talent can be found here to assist you in completing the project quickly and conveniently. As previously said, since masonry is an outstanding fire deterrent, fireplaces are constructed entirely of bricks and stones. Whether you want to maintain the appearance of your fireplace or simply redesign it, we are the experts in providing a high-quality finish.

Masonry Waterproofing

We waterproof walls by adding a sealer to the surface to help avoid the absorption of water and moisture. We want to highlight that significant damage is caused as water and moisture penetrate the structure, resulting in mold growth and trapped moisture within the walls. When the repair is complete, we will add the sealant to help deter water from entering the brick and mortar, which causes damage and necessitating further repairs. 

Parapet Walls

A parapet wall is a wall that extends above the roofline of a structure on the sides. Since the parapet is located at the top of the structure, it serves as a partial roof as well, so it is important that it remains waterproof to avoid water infiltration. If your building’s parapet walls are causing you trouble with any issues, we have the solution. 

Concrete Repair

Concrete is a type of building material made up of cement, sand, and water. Concrete on walkways, sidewalks, and stairs can crack and chip over time due to exposure to the elements, and we are also able to provide patching services to address this problem. Kindly contact us if you have any concerns. 


Benefits of Masonry

Perhaps the most appealing feature of masonry is its cost effectiveness. To begin, there are cost advantages as construction begins and costs remain low during the structure’s lifetime due to the material’s low maintenance requirements in comparison to other materials. It is sturdy and long-lasting internally, unlike drywall, which requires regular repairs, and externally, unlike most construction materials such as wood, it is very mold resistant, saving you money on more frequent maintenance costs. Again, maintaining your property by applying masonry to it will increase the value of your homes, avoid repairs in the future, and help you save money in the long run. Physically, structurally, or economically, it is the material of choice. But, whether it does need maintenance or you just want a new look, our team of experienced masons would be able to keep the price even lower with reasonable prices to help you remain under the budget and delivering the best quality repair or renovation service.

Everybody is familiar with the tale of the wolf and the three little pigs. The wolf demolishes the straw and wooden houses of the first two pigs, but he is unable to demolish the third pig’s home, which is constructed of strong rigid bricks, and there is an important lesson to be learnt here. It’s a smart idea to switch to masonry if you’re considering replacing a wooden component to your structure or altering the internal layout to bricks or stones. This is because masonry structures are considered to be structurally stable, which makes them safer. If you’re starting up an interior design project of your home, brick and stone walls are immune to holes that are often formed in drywall and need minimal to no upkeep. Due to the uniform design of the building, the entire foundation and frame of the house will not warp or break as much with the support, the walls will not crumble, the moulding will remain in place, and the doors will shut properly. The structural stability of the building will be able to withstand natural disaster and sometimes even earthquakes, noise, and fire. 

Speaking of flames, another important advantage of masonry is its superior efficiency in flaming environments. This element of fire safety is advantageous when it comes to insurance policies, as insurers include it when determining premiums. Masonry would also help you save money with your insurance company, because this is a long-term investment. Brick walls are a durable fire barrier that is fully inflammable and will not degrade in structure due to lack of maintenance. Stonework architecture, which has long been known for its fire resistance, adds another remarkable feature and consistency that other materials can only profess to meet. When masonry structures are tested for fire resilience and durability, they are subjected to temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit followed by a pressure test using a fire hose. Other types of fire barriers cannot be measured in this manner because they would not be able to withstand and collapse.

The exterior masonry construction serves as an excellent noise canceler, allowing outside noise at bay while allowing internal noise trapped inside. Since brick and stone have a much higher density and stone properties than other building materials such as wood or vinyl, they can provide a much quieter atmosphere. If you have a pastime that generates a lot of noise, such as power tools, playing drums, guitar, piano, or listening to loud music, brick houses are a good bet to avoid enraging your neighbors and preserving harmony for all.

In comparison to lightweight wall materials such as wood or vinyl siding, masonry walls provide a more effective thermal shield across the building. According to studies, it is capable of efficiently keeping heat in and cold out, and vice versa. The power cost would be much lower during the summer and winter months if the air conditioning system is kept operating smoothly and without a lot of temperature variation, which means there is more room to save money. Additionally to being energy efficient, it is environmentally friendly or “green.” It can go without saying that masonry does not use wood, which means that we can help save more trees through this process. It would not destroy trees or deplete natural resources, thus assisting the world in remaining green and stable. In general, the method of making bricks and stones consumes a negligible amount of energy in addition to other manufacturing products.

Masonry is an extremely durable form of building, and our work is designed to withstand the test of time, particularly in Georgia’s harsh climate conditions. We combine the finest materials available for your company, including best-in-class mortar, with master craftsmanship and tried-and-true masonry to ensure the durability of your general brickwork construction. If you want new brickwork, maintenance, reconstruction, or expansion for your private or commercial building, our master mason group will complete the job on time and under your budget. Therefore, do not delay your repairs any longer and contact us today!

Masonry Atlanta offers a variety of stone job administrations, including the following:
Our Process

There are a lot of problems you can notice on your masonry that includes cracks, flakes, and even grime and those can become some serious issues if you don’t take care of them on the spot as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your porch, lintel, or even your fireplace, we have the solution here at Masonry Atlanta just for you. Our team of professional specialists is at your service no matter how big your project might be, we do our best for everyone. These kinds of jobs require proper skill and training along with enough experience to pull it off without making any rookie mistakes. There are different types of Masonry repair services we do and here are the steps we go through to deal with it.

Dealing With Damaged Mortar
  • Removing Damaged Mortar
When we deal with damaged mortar, we have to be pretty careful on some of the steps we strictly use. And the first step includes tuckpointing. This process includes an angled grinder to loosen the mortar if it’s already not loosened enough. After that, we use a hammer drill to knock the mortar right out so that we can work on the next steps. We then thoroughly clean out the water from the joints including a clean sweep and our pavement specialist then proceeds to prepare for the new mortar to fill in the joints and that’s how the first step is completed.
  • Mortar Setting
Our crews then carefully push the mortars and work into the joints. The joints between the stones and bricks are worked by using a trowel which is a necessary tool we use. If the lines of the mortars are needed to be rounded, we also use the jointer tool to achieve that. We then keep it to dry off and then clean off the mortar and bricks with a brush so that it comes out with a clean finish.
Dealing With Damaged Bricks
  • Bricks Removal
Our professional mason uses a hammer and chisel to remove damaged bricks from the surface. We also use power tools to break and remove bricks efficiently by removing them in pieces. We then clean away the old mortar and not damage other bricks in the process in a very careful manner.
  • Replacements
After the damaged bricks are removed, there will be a clean void to install and replace a new set of bricks in the place. That’s when the new bricks are ready to set in place and we do just that. We then mix the new mortar and place them both behind and beneath the new brick before sliding it in. We also use some specific tools to apply the mortar so that it works efficiently and without any kind of mistakes that you might have to bear in the future.

Should I repair masonry myself?

Repairing masonry is a very difficult process and should only be done by experienced professionals. And that’s why whether you should or not repair them yourself depends on your personal experience with masonry work. Even though you have enough experience of it, it’s not a one-man job. So betting on professional help is always best to do it properly and efficiently.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

They came in to repair my chimneys as I had noticed widening cracks all over the exterior. I commend their professionalism. Their workers came in got the job done in record time. For a good price too.
- Lenny
When we have our house built, the porch was poorly constructed, and we were advised to have it rebuilt. Masonry Atlanta rebuilt our porch some years back, and it’s still standing. I honestly thought it would have cost me way more to have it fixed. Thanks, great service.
- Ray & Felicia
When I started seeing cracks in my fireplace, I knew I had to have it checked out. A friend recommended Masonry Atlanta, and I gave them a call. Their customer care agents were polite, and they came over to inspect it. They discovered even more issue that was even worsening. What I thought a minor repair would have handled took a rebuild. They did a great job.
- Trent
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If you want to learn more about our services and how we can best serve you, then you can call us today. We’ve provided our official phone numbers on the website, and you can speak to one of our agents. Our customer care representatives are eager to hear what you have to say and discuss the solutions that are best-suited to your masonry. If you’re contacting us outside regular working hours, fill the contact form on the site, and we’ll respond soon. Our Partners: Stamped Concrete San Mateo